Healthcare Quality

“Healthcare quality is the assessment and provision of effective and safe care, reflected in a culture of excellence, resulting in the attainment of optimal or desired health.”1

Selected Articles

How to Fix a Culture of Indecision

A culture of indecision – characterized by inaction and corporate malaise – can be broken if leaders exhibit and encourage decisive dialogue, and infuse it throughout their organization.

Policies and Procedures Don't Equal Quality Improvement

Developing policies and procedures alone rarely leads to quality improvement. Attention must be given to issues in both their development and implementation.

Hospital Accreditation: It’s a Process, Not an Exam

The widespread practice of “polishing up” before accreditation surveys and using accreditation mainly as a marketing strategy devalue the accreditation process and ultimately undermine the trust of patients and their families.

Make Your Data Work for You

Organizational inability to use collected data for improvement – a frequently-observed shortcoming – represents a waste of staff time and effort in collecting the data.

Clinical Pathways: What They Improve

Clinical pathways have the potential to improve patient outcomes, enhance efficiency, reduce lengths of stay, and decrease costs. But do they really?'

Are You Getting the Results You Want?

Quality should be the driving force behind your organization's results – clinical outcomes, patient and family satisfaction, staff and physician satisfaction, financial bottom line. High-quality healthcare will create a win-win-win situation for patients, providers and payers, but organizations must be prepared to equip their staff with the competencies necessary to achieve this ideal state.

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