How can you help me pass the CPHQ exam?

As a pioneer in CPHQ exam preparation products and services, and having assisted literally thousands of persons pass the exam at different levels of engagement (from 3-day workshops to highly customized training programs), Teh & Associates knows what it takes for people to pass.

We provide candidates with a wide range of solutions to help them pass the CPHQ examination depending on their needs.

However, we suspect that what most people are actually asking is:

“What can you do for the individual candidate?”

This is of course different to products for “everyone,” e.g. books, quizzes, workshops. No doubt, these other things may be helpful but they do not form a comprehensive program – a one-stop solution, if you like. Each product, on its own, will not be very useful in helping people pass the exam. On the other hand, purchasing “everything” is wasteful and does not assist people to focus on the important things. Furthermore, the collection of things is piecemeal and incohesive – not exactly what we at Teh & Associates consider an integrated, high-quality approach to a common problem (of trying to pass the exam).

Leading international healthcare consultant and patient safety expert Dr Andy Teh has also been highly critical of unprofessional advice and the “one-size-fits-all” approach that is common among CPHQ candidates these days.

His results speak for themselves: the common “one-size-fits-all” approach has a 45–76% pass rate (and that includes multiple attempts!) The pass rate is much lower among international candidates, compared with candidates based in the US.

Dr Andy Teh’s customized (and much easier and faster) approach has a 100% pass rate (at the first attempt!). In 2009, recognizing the many flaws in CPHQ exam preparation, Dr Teh developed his highly customized private CPHQ coaching program. His unique program is derived from an eclectic mix of teaching models from his 25 years of experience in education and training adults, especially mid-level and senior healthcare professionals from both Western and Asian countries, as well as intricate knowledge of the CPHQ exam content.

Entry to Dr Andy Teh’s private coaching program is not automatic; prospective students undergo a screening process. Some persons meet with Dr Teh when they attend his workshops – these are excellent opportunities for prospective students to have a taste of Dr Teh’s teaching style and methods, and also for Dr Teh to evaluate the suitability of the prospective student for his coaching program. If admitted to the program, students receive an initial assessment of their needs, and through an iterative process, a roadmap is discussed and mutually agreed upon.

The schedule of face-to-face, online, and telephone sessions is entirely flexible. The content and mode(s) of delivery, likewise, depend on the individual candidate.

The fee is dependent on several factors, including level of engagement, logistical issues, as well as the requirements and preferences of the student. As a rough approximation, Dr Teh’s professional fee for the entire one-to-one program is around $8,500 only. By comparison, Dr Teh’s fee for a one-day seminar (up to 20 persons) starts from $5,000, and his schedule is booked 5 or 6 months in advance.

Provided the student fulfills their obligations (i.e. homework) as outlined in the initial plan, this coaching program is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee of a passing score on the first attempt. Read this interview with a Teh & Associates alumnus and CPHQ certificant here.

One of the key aspects of this program is that it leverages on some of Dr Teh’s unique skills as a presenter, educator, and leading healthcare consultant with an enormous amount of experience from the field. Since the introduction of our program, the copycats have been trying to emulate it with limited success – the reason for this is that they simply do not have the resources (more intellectual than financial or physical) to pull it off. It’s very much like asking an average person to paint the Mona Lisa or to sing John Lennon’s “Imagine.” They can probably do either but it won’t be the same as the original.

Our clients have described Dr Teh’s methods as “special,” “inspirational,” “delicious,” and “breathtaking.” From our point of view, we simple deliver what is probably the world’s best service to ace the CPHQ exam. Our results speak for themselves.

Last updated: October 23, 2020