CPHQ Certification

Offered by the Healthcare Quality Certification Commission (USA), the Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) program is the first and only accredited international voluntary certification program in healthcare quality management. The CPHQ designation is the gold standard of the healthcare quality profession.

From the inception of the CPHQ program in 1984, CPHQs have demonstrated specialized experience, knowledge, and the highest standard of professionalism.

Leadership and Innovation

Since 2009, Teh & Associates has assisted numerous individuals fulfill their dreams of reaching the summit of the profession. Our coaching programs, workshops, practice quizzes, articles, and other solutions are the product of working with individuals at all levels in healthcare organizations coupled with our expertise in education, research, and communication.

We continually evaluate the effectiveness of our methods and improve them incrementally based on our research findings. Our track record speaks to our commitment to innovate in CPHQ exam preparation:

  • First to offer professional CPHQ coaching to individuals
  • First membership site dedicated to helping individuals pass the CPHQ exam
  • First blog about CPHQ certification and recertification
  • First company to publish CPHQ exam practice questions on a daily basis

In 2009, Dr Andy Teh coined the terms “CPHQ coaching” and “CPHQ training” – the latter now in common usage – to describe the work he does in helping people pass the CPHQ exam.


CPHQ Coaching

Private coaching clients get direct access to Dr Andy Teh, preferred bookings at all Teh & Associates live training events (free of charge), unrestricted access to all online and offline exam preparatory content (including notes, articles, summary diagrams, quizzes, presentations, videos, etc.), plus more.

Each client will receive a complete evaluation upon registration and, through an iterative process, a customized strategy and timeline for taking the exam will be mapped out.

This self-paced program is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, i.e. clients who complete the recommended work should comfortably pass the CPHQ exam at their first attempt, or they will get all their money back. The program starts from $8,500 per candidate and is subject to availability of space and a pre-program evaluation.

If you are serious about getting the CPHQ credential, this is the ultimate package.

SOS Program

We always hope that each individual who attempts the certification exam passes because we believe CPHQs will improve the care that patients receive. Unfortunately, about one out of three examinees don’t make the grade – there are several reasons for this. If you took a DIY approach or used an alternative exam preparation strategy to ours, you might like to consider our SOS program.

We will conduct a thorough post-mortem of your exam performance as well as your skills, knowledge, learning preferences, and other attributes. From this assessment, we’ll propose a structured program to get you ready for your next (and hopefully final) exam.

The initial evaluation costs $87, following which it is a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) system – you pay for the services/products you need. No more and no less.


Sick of boring didactic lectures? A large proportion of offerings (exam courses, seminars, workshops) add little value to attendees because the material is poorly delivered (among other things).

In our interactive workshops, we use visual aids, workouts and other exercises, humor, etc. to facilitate engagement and adult learning. Developed over two decades, Dr Andy Teh’s style of teaching is both informative and fun!

CPHQ Tutor

A membership site dedicated to helping you pass the CPHQ exam.

Learn more about CPHQ Tutor »

CPHQ Exam Practice Quizzes

CPHQ exam practice questions specially crafted to identify areas for improvement and help raise your score for the actual exam.

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Am I Eligible to Take the CPHQ Examination?

No minimum education or experience is required to take the CPHQ examination.

The CPHQ Exam Competence Pyramid

When preparing for the CPHQ exam, three things that build on one another are required: basic knowledge in healthcare quality and healthcare quality management, the skills to apply this knowledge, and good study and exam techniques.

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Although many CPHQ exam preparation courses are available, only a small proportion have attributes that improve candidates’ chances of exam success. In this article, we discuss the desirable (and less desirable) characteristics of a CPHQ exam preparation course.

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Test takers for the CPHQ exam may like to know what the minimum passing score is and how it is derived.

CPHQ Exam Question Writers Exposed!

Numerous CPHQ exam preparation products available on the market are developed by individuals who lack the necessary qualifications.

Why Most People Won’t Become CPHQs

Most individuals fail to achieve CPHQ status, not due to lack of ability, but because of a counter-intuitive mindset that scuttles any hope of realizing a worthy goal.

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Last updated August 18, 2020