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Patient Safety

The Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research (AHRQ) has identified 22 patient safety strategies (PSSs) that have sufficient evidence base to be recommended for widespread adoption.

A nurse committed suicide several months after inadvertently administering an overdose of calcium chloride to a critically ill child.

The healthcare quality professional should be well acquainted with the principles of hand hygiene.

When unanticipated adverse patient events occur, not only do patients and their families suffer but the healthcare providers involved in their care also become traumatized. These professionals—"the second victims"—need help too.

When Silence Kills

Many doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals are aware of decisions, actions or behaviours of colleagues that compromise the safety of patient care. But a large proportion choose to remain silent.

Your choice of hospital has a large bearing on your risk of experiencing a complication of treatment, or even death, as a patient.

Medical errors cost the US economy 19.5 billion dollars in 2008.

Bar-code verification technology may reduce the rate of medication errors and potential adverse drug events.