Evidence-Based Care and High Reliability: A Potent Combination

In order to realize the full benefits of evidence-based practice, health care providers must take the necessary steps to bridge the implementation gap between knowledge and action, and deliver effective interventions with high reliability.

Make Your Data Work for You

Organizational inability to use collected data for improvement – a frequently-observed shortcoming – represents a waste of staff time and effort in collecting the data.

Ten Percent of Hospital Admissions Are Associated With an Adverse Event

Studies conducted in developed countries have shown that the percentage of adverse events occurring in hospitals is between 3 and 17%.

Fifty Percent of Adverse Events Are Preventable

Most medical errors are due to defects in the healthcare delivery system and, therefore, can be significantly reduced through system redesign or transformation.

101,000 Lives in the USA Would Be Saved Annually If the USA Improved Its Preventable Death Rate To That of the Three Top Performing Nations

France, Japan, and Australia rated best and the USA worst in a study of preventable death rates in 19 leading industrialized countries.

Are You Getting the Results You Want?

To provide high-quality healthcare – a win-win situation for patients, providers, and payers – staff must be equipped with the necessary competencies.