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Organizational Leadership

Transparency, a powerful quality improvement tool, is a feature of strong organizational cultures.

The top-performing hospitals in the US are more likely to be headed by a physician than a non-physician.

Want Success? Examine Your Why

Organizations and individuals can achieve breakthrough success by balancing three elements: WHAT they do (results), HOW they do it (strategies/tactics), and WHY they do it (purpose).

When Silence Kills

Many doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals are aware of decisions, actions or behaviours of colleagues that compromise the safety of patient care. But a large proportion choose to remain silent.

Quality should be the driving force behind your organisation's results—clinical outcomes, patient and family satisfaction, staff and physician satisfaction, financial bottom line. High quality health care will create a win-win-win situation for patients, care providers and payers but organisations must be prepared to equip their staff with the competencies necessary to achieve this ideal state.