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CPHQ Certification

An online version of the Teh & Associates' Concise Guide to Janet Brown's The Healthcare Quality Handbook will be rolled out from March 21, 2012.

The Healthcare Quality Foundation (HQF) Certification Grant awards financial assistance to healthcare quality professionals who have not yet attained the CPHQ credential by sponsoring their examination fee.

Teh & Associates scores another world first with its introductory course to the CPHQ examination.

The reintegration of questions related to US-specific competencies in the CPHQ exam will likely lead to an even lower proportion of international candidates passing the exam. However, individuals can mitigate the effects of the coming changes by seeking accurate information, addressing language deficits, and receiving professional assistance where required.

In addition to its highly-acclaimed CPHQ exam preparation workshops, Teh & Associates provides customized CPHQ training solutions to groups of individuals and organizations throughout the world.

Teh & Associates is pleased to announce the scheduled dates of its CPHQ Exam Preparation Workshops to be held in 2012.

Although many CPHQ exam preparation courses are available, only a small proportion have attributes that improve candidates' chances of exam success.

A leaner, simpler approach to CPHQ exam preparation will save candidates effort, time and money.