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CPHQ Certification

When preparing for the CPHQ exam, three things that build on one another are required: basic knowledge in healthcare quality and healthcare quality management, the skills to apply this knowledge, and good study and exam techniques.

Teh & Associates is pleased to announce the scheduled dates of its CPHQ Exam Preparation Workshops to be held in 2013.

The information contained in the NAHQ 2011 Annual Report is not only misleading but inconsistent.

Attitude Is Everything!

A candidate's immediate reaction to new ideas or suggestions often gives a strong clue as to their chances of passing the CPHQ exam.

A problem-based approach to CPHQ exam preparation is more compatible with adult learning concepts compared to other learning approaches, and, according to the best available evidence, far superior in helping candidates pass the CPHQ examination.

Aparna Sundar, MBBS, CPHQ, shares her experience in passing the CPHQ examination in only four months.

Measurement of success and performance on the CPHQ exam is more realistic if it takes into account the challenges faced by individual candidates.

Teh & Associates will conduct one additional introductory course to CPHQ certification from 22–24 October 2012.