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CPHQ Certification

Teh & Associates provides outstanding CPHQ exam preparation services and products that are current with the latest CPHQ exam content outline.

The CPHQ exam content outline, effective from January 1, 2015, remains largely unchanged in substance and introduces only a handful of genuinely novel tasks.

The October 2013 iteration of the CPHQ Candidate Examination Handbook contained no changes to the CPHQ exam content outline.

The overall CPHQ exam pass rate among US candidates in 2012 was published in the NAHQ 2012 Annual Report, which again suffered from the DRIP (Data Rich, Information Poor) syndrome.

A prolonged exam preparation period is associated with failure to recall facts, loss of motivation, waste of resources, and ultimately a significant deterioration in the chances of passing the CPHQ exam. CPHQ candidates will be better served by planning a relatively short but effective period to prepare for the exam.

Teh & Associates has updated its highly popular CPHQ Exam Practice Quizzes.

No minimum education or experience is required to take the CPHQ examination.

When preparing for the CPHQ exam, three things that build on one another are required: basic knowledge in healthcare quality and healthcare quality management, the skills to apply this knowledge, and good study and exam techniques.