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CPHQ Exam Preparation: An Introductory Course

Teh & Associates is pleased to announce a new course for persons considering CPHQ certification and those who have only recently embarked on their preparation for the CPHQ examination.

Aims of an Introductory Course

An introductory course has the following aims:

  • Provide a comprehensive description of the CPHQ program
  • Outline the key benefits of CPHQ certification
  • Describe a practical roadmap for CPHQ exam preparation
  • Give information about the tactics that help candidates pass the CPHQ exam and those that don’t
  • Discuss the resources required—time, effort, books, money, etc.—to complete the CPHQ program successfully
  • Provide an overview of the CPHQ content outline and discuss key principles that are emphasized on the exam
  • Answer any questions that fresh candidates might have about the CPHQ program, CPHQ exam, career prospects, etc.

Why Attend an Introductory Course

The aims listed above were previously incorporated into our CPHQ exam preparation workshops, in some form or another. However, our customer base has expanded to a level that warrants segmentation. In other words, we feel that the needs of CPHQ candidates (who seek our assistance) will be better met by dividing the candidates into at least two categories:

  • CPHQ candidates who are thinking about taking the exam or have just started their CPHQ exam preparation; and
  • CPHQ candidates who require assistance in mapping out a realistic, yet successful, strategy to pass the exam.

We recognize that the “one-size-fits-all” approach, though economical, is seldom effective in serving the needs of candidates because the material presented may be “too easy” or “too advanced,” mainly because the candidate pool is so diverse. On the other hand, our one-to-one coaching program, though extremely effective (with a 100% success rate!) and offering great value, may not fit the budget of many candidates. (We will probably address the economics of CPHQ exam certification—and exam preparation—in a future article.)

By having two different types of courses (one for “beginners” and another for the more “advanced”), we hope to better meet the needs of candidates while still keeping the cost within most people’s budgets. This is consistent with our track record of providing customized training solutions for our customers.

Who Should Attend

Our introductory course to CPHQ certification is designed for two main groups of people:

  1. Those who are considering, but are undecided on joining, the CPHQ program and who wish to learn more before committing their time and energy on pursuing CPHQ certification; and
  2. Those who have made a commitment to obtain the CPHQ credential but who require guidance on how to approach exam preparation in a practical and efficient manner.

This course is not recommended for persons who have a clear idea about the CPHQ exam and are in the advanced stages of their exam preparation. If you fall in this category of candidates, you might like to consider our CPHQ exam preparation workshops instead.

Course Content

The course is divided into three main sections:

  1. Structure of the CPHQ Program and the CPHQ Examination
  2. Content of the CPHQ Examination
  3. CPHQ Exam Preparation

1. Structure of the CPHQ Program and the CPHQ Examination

Participants will learn:

  • How the CPHQ program is organized
  • The philosophy behind the CPHQ program
  • The structure and process of the CPHQ examination
  • How to apply for the CPHQ exam
  • The CPHQ exam interface
  • How the CPHQ exam is scored
  • How the results of CPHQ exam are reported
  • What happens after the results of the CPHQ exam are released

2. Content of the CPHQ Examination

Participants will receive a thorough overview of key aspects of the four main categories of the CPHQ examination content, i.e.:

  • Management and Leadership
  • Information Management
  • Performance Measurement and Improvement
  • Patient Safety

Course participants will also get an introduction to the Teh & Associates method of preparing for the CPHQ examination that sets it apart from other offerings. We focus on key principles that are relevant to both the practice of healthcare quality management and (not surprisingly) the CPHQ exam. What’s more, the material is delivered in a style that respects adult learners and keeps them engaged and entertained for the entire duration of the course. As all participants of our training programs will attest, we use plain English and simplify concepts so that they are easily assimilated and remembered.

3. CPHQ Exam Preparation

We recognize the fact that many candidates have difficulty planning their exam preparation and/or go about their preparation in a haphazard way. Like our consulting work, we eliminate the guesswork by demonstrating various approaches that have been proven to be successful. In addition to helping persons pass the exam, we also hope to enable them to do so with the least amount of effort and time.

Most of our clients are busy senior or mid-career healthcare professionals who do not have much time and/or inclination to “study.” Many have a genuine desire to learn more about healthcare quality and may need the CPHQ credential to advance or revitalize their career.

However, only a small proportion of candidates identify (at least in the early stages) the opportunity cost associated with delaying CPHQ certification, either by failing the exam (hence having to wait at least 90 days for their next attempt) or taking an unnecessarily long period of time to get ready for the exam (and without any assurance of being fully prepared).

Our goal is to help candidates pass the exam as quickly as possible and to maximize the value of their certification.

Scheduled Dates of Introductory Course to the CPHQ Exam

16–18 July 2012 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia SOLD OUT
8–10 October 2012 Penang, Malaysia SOLD OUT
22–24 October 2012 Penang, Malaysia SOLD OUT
17–19 December 2012 Penang, Malaysia SOLD OUT


The course fee will be US$675 per participant. Organizations sending three or more participants are eligible to receive a 25% discount, i.e. US$506.25 per participant.

This fee includes:

  • The three-day program
  • All workshop materials
  • Lunch and refreshments

Special Discount for Members

Persons who have been members of the Teh & Associates website for 3 months or longer are eligible for a 33% discount. Therefore, the fee will be only US$450 per person—that’s a savings of more than US$225!


Contact training@tehandassociates.com to register for our introductory course to CPHQ certification.

We strongly encourage individuals to register early to secure a place. The last date for registration is 35 days before the course commencement date.


Need more information? Contact us at training@tehandassociates.com.

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  • Shazia Aman January 24, 2015, 4:57 pm

    Besides CPHQ Tutor exam, what else on your site can help me prepare for the exam in a 2 month time period?
    Dr. Shazia Aman

    • Andy Teh January 24, 2015, 6:22 pm

      @Dr. Shazia Aman—Teh & Associates offers the full gamut of CPHQ exam preperation services and products. All our online services/products can be found on the CPHQ Tutor site. Just to be clear, the CPHQ Tutor website is fully owned and operated by Teh & Associates, and is an economical resource for persons working towards CPHQ certification. Membership to the CPHQ Tutor website gives you access to not only Quizzes that contain realistic questions and explanations of answers that reflect our depth of experience and expertise, but also articles, videos, exam tips, etc. At only $57 per month, the site offers great value. Further, we’ve been providing updated content, not just practice questions, to CPHQ candidates through an online platform longer than anyone else in the business. Serving governments, hospitals, clinics, other healthcare organizations, and hundreds of individual customers throughout the world, you can rest assured we are here to stay!

      The firm also offers offline CPHQ exam preparation services, e.g. CPHQ exam preparation workshops, introductory courses (to help put you on the right path), tutorials, and our flagship CPHQ coaching program.

      If you need more information about any of the online or offline services/products mentioned above, please send an e-mail to info@tehandassociates.com or use our contact page.

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