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Schedule of CPHQ Exam Preparation Workshops for 2012

Teh & Associates is pleased to announce the scheduled dates of its CPHQ Examination Preparation Workshops (CPHQ Examination Preparation Courses) to be held in 2012.

Dates of CPHQ Exam Preparation Workshops

23–25 July 2012 Penang, Malaysia SOLD OUT
17–19 September 2012 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia SOLD OUT
19–21 November 2012 Penang, Malaysia SOLD OUT
10–12 December 2012 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia SOLD OUT

Persons interested to attend these workshops are strongly encouraged to register as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Our workshops are highly popular and we place a strict limit to the size of our workshops. Registrations typically close about five months (or more) before the workshop commencement dates.



The Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) credential “recognizes professional and academic achievement by individuals in the field of healthcare quality management”, and is widely regarded as the worldwide “gold standard” for the healthcare quality professional.

Becoming a CPHQ could be one of the best career moves for any physician, nurse, healthcare executive, or any other member of the healthcare team who is involved in quality management, performance improvement, risk management, infection control and prevention, health information, and/or utilization management.

Join our CPHQ Exam Preparation Workshop—an intensive, 3-day workshop designed to help healthcare professionals excel in the CPHQ examination. This workshop is also suitable for those who want to advance their skills in quality management and patient safety.

The workshop will give participants a comprehensive overview of the CPHQ exam content outline. Through a combination of didactic lectures and interactive discussion sessions, participants will learn about the key principles and concepts emphasized in the exam, and techniques to give participants the winning edge for the CPHQ multiple-choice test format.

CPHQ exam sample questions will be presented and discussed throughout the workshop.

Participants will learn a systematic approach to the CPHQ exam’s application and analysis questions, and have ample opportunity to practice answering these question types during the workshop.

The quality principles and concepts taught in this workshop are the result of two decades of experience in achieving excellent clinical and operational outcomes, and delivering value for stakeholders.

If you want to accelerate your journey toward CPHQ status, this workshop is for you.


For more than two decades, Dr Andy Teh has helped numerous individuals to realize their full potential and achieve their career goals through coaching and training. Dr Teh’s qualifications include:

  • Two decades of working with various healthcare professionals throughout the world, in different areas and at all levels of the organization, to get outstanding clinical and operational results.
  • Principal of Teh & Associates, one of Asia’s leading healthcare consulting firms and an international leader in CPHQ exam preparation resources.
  • Highly knowledgeable and experienced in survey processes, having led hospital teams to successfully meet or exceed international quality standards. Regularly sought to provide consulting assistance on accreditation, particularly that by Joint Commission International (JCI).
  • A Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality.
  • Familiarity with standardized tests, e.g. CPHQ, GRE, GMAT, and a strong desire to share successful exam strategies and tactics that have enabled him to score in the 96th percentile or above in every test he’s taken.
  • Recognized for his engaging and innovative teaching style, Dr Teh delivers the material, even complex subjects, in plain English.
  • Speaker on healthcare quality and patient safety at national and international events.

However, Dr Teh’s most compelling qualification is his overwhelming passion to help others succeed in the CPHQ exam in the shortest possible time and with the least amount of pain.


This workshop will cover the key tasks listed in the CPHQ exam content outline including, but not limited to:

Introduction to the CPHQ Exam

  • What the CPHQ exam is really about
  • Common mistakes you must avoid if you want to succeed in the CPHQ exam
  • Habits of our best CPHQ candidates
  • CPHQ exam preparation made easy—a 3-month bullet-proof plan to CPHQ status
  • A step-by-step guide on what to do on exam day
  • What to do immediately before and after passing the CPHQ exam to maximize your return on investment
    • Case studies of how we helped individuals become CPHQs fast and increased their salary by 38–115% within 6 months of getting the CPHQ credential
  • Why the Teh & Associates method is so successful in helping individuals pass (easily), i.e. if you follow each step
    • The Teh & Associates money-back guarantee for private coaching clients (note: you don’t have to be a private client to perform extremely well using our methods)

Achieving superlative learning outcomes and making sure you are adequately prepared for the CPHQ exam are our top priorities. It won’t take you long to understand why/how we’re different from the rest.

Now for the “boring” stuff…. (rest assured you will not be bored at any of Dr Andy Teh’s “live shows”)

Management and Leadership

  • Strategic
    • Strategic planning
    • Customer/Supplier relationships
    • Development of goals and objectives
    • Performance measures
    • Applicability of various performance improvement and quality models
    • Evaluation and selection of accreditation processes
    • Performance Improvement plan
    • Cost-effectiveness of a quality program
    • Change management
  • Operational
    • Quality Council—Structure and Function
    • Performance Improvement teams
    • Risk Management plan
    • Plan for Case/Care/Disease/Utilization Management
    • Coordination of survey processes
    • Cost analysis
    • Preparing and managing the department budget

Information Management

  • Design and Data Collection
    • Assessing customer needs and expectations
    • Organization of information for meetings
    • Data inventory
    • Data definition
    • Data collection—qualitative and quantitative
    • Evaluation and implementation of software for data collection and analysis
    • Epidemiology in data management
    • Data aggregation for analysis
  • Measurement
    • Process analysis tools—Pareto chart, run chart, scatter diagram, etc.
    • Basic statistical techniques to describe and analyze data
    • Statistical process control
  • Analysis
    • Comparative data
    • Interpretation of benchmarking data, incident reports, outcome data and data to support decision making.
  • Communication
    • Promotion of organizational values and commitment among staff
    • Performance Improvement reports
    • Dissemination of Performance Improvement information
    • Public reporting
    • Communication with accrediting and regulatory bodies

Performance Measurement and Improvement

  • Planning
    • Prioritization for Performance Improvement
    • Development of Performance Improvement action plans
    • Process and outcome measures
    • Evidence-based guidelines
    • Feasibility to apply for external quality awards
  • Implementation
    • Coordination of the Performance Improvement process
    • Leading and participating in Performance Improvement teams
    • Credentialing and privileging
    • Coordination or participation in quality improvement projects
    • Review processes
    • Patient advocacy
    • Risk Management
  • Education and Training
    • Organizational Performance Improvement training
    • Change management through education
    • Survey preparation training
  • Evaluation / Integration
    • Evaluation of team performance
    • Performance/Productivity reports
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Practitioner profiling
    • Complaint analysis
    • Integration of Performance Improvement and credentialing, appointment, and privileging
    • Integration of data analysis, Risk Management assessment, and Utilization Management into the Performance Improvement process
    • Integration of quality findings into governance and management activities
    • Integration of accreditation and regulatory recommendations into the organization

Patient Safety

  • Strategic
    • Assessment and development of organizational Patient Safety culture
    • Patient Safety goals
    • Patient Safety program
    • Linking Patient Safety activities with strategic goals
    • Integration of Patient Safety findings into governance and management activities
  • Operational
    • Patient Safety plan
    • Coordination of Patient Safety program
    • Technology and Patient Safety
    • Integration of Patient Safety into organizational activities
    • Patient Safety goals review
    • Performing or coordinating Risk Management

The 2012 workshops will also cover the new tasks on the CPHQ exam content expected to be (re)introduced in 2012. These changes will affect all candidates but are particularly pertinent to non-US candidates. Dr Andy Teh, who has deep working knowledge of US healthcare, will walk you through all the major aspects of the US-specific competencies relevant to the CPHQ exam, thus leveling the playing field.



The workshop fee will be 975.00 US Dollars (or 2999.00 Malaysian Ringgits) per participant. Organizations sending three or more participants are eligible to receive a 10% discount, i.e. 850.50 US Dollars per participant.

This fee includes:

  • The three-day program
  • Pre- and Post-Testing (optional)
  • All workshop materials
  • Lunch and refreshments


The following bonuses will apply to participants of our scheduled workshops:

  • Advice on CPHQ recertification after participants have passed their CPHQ examination via e-mail updates (for perpetuity)
  • Up to 30% discount on all products published by Teh & Associates in the future, e.g. books, ebooks, instructional videos, subscriptions, etc.
  • Up to 30% discount on all future training events conducted by Teh & Associates

Register Now, Before It’s Too Late

Due to the intensity of the workshop, places are limited. Much material needs to be covered in depth, hence the need to maintain an optimum workshop size.

Registration will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Persons interested in joining this workshop are strongly encouraged to register early to secure a place. Detailed advice on preparatory work for the workshop will be given to participants as soon as registration and payment are confirmed.

The last date for registration is 35 days before the workshop commencement date.

Online Registration Form

An Online Registration Form will be available 8 weeks before the scheduled workshop dates. However, if you wish to secure your participation at one of our workshops before the Form becomes available, simply send us an e-mail at training@tehandassociates.com. We will then process your registration and send you an invoice.


Persons occasionally request a brochure for our CPHQ exam preparation workshop. We only prepare brochures if necessary about 8 weeks before our training programs. As virtually all our CPHQ exam preparation workshops in the last 14 months were fully booked several months in advance, we have not had the need to publish brochures for them. All the relevant information about our workshop can be found on this page. If not, you may send us an e-mail at training@tehandassociates.com; if appropriate, our staff will usually respond in less than one working day.

Like our consulting work, our CPHQ exam preparation workshops rely on word-of-mouth and referrals. We do not actively advertise.


Teh & Associates accepts payments by Credit Card, Telegraphic Transfer, Electronic Funds Transfer or Cheque/Bank Draft.

Receipt of all payments will be acknowledged within 24 hours.

The workshop fee will be 975.00 US Dollars per participant. Organizations sending three or more participants are eligible to receive a 10% discount, i.e. 877.50 US Dollars per participant. Participants who submit their payment in Malaysian Ringgits (by Cheque, Bank Draft, TT or EFT) should pay RM2999.00 per participant.

Credit Card Payments

Participants who wish to make their payments by credit card may do so via PayPal. Credit card payments can be made even if you don’t have a PayPal account.

When paying by credit card, please make sure the e-mail address entered below is identical to that submitted in the Online Registration Form.

Telegraphic Transfer (TT) / Bank Wire Transfer

Bank: CIMB Bank Berhad (Malaysia)

Account Name: Teh & Associates

Account Number: 0715–0005298–05–1


Bank Address: 409, Jalan Burmah, 10350 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Please send us an e-mail at training@tehandassociates.com if you have made your payment by Telegraphic Transfer (TT) so that we can confirm the transaction has been successful.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Bank: CIMB Bank Berhad (Malaysia)

Account Name: Teh & Associates

Account Number: 0715–0005298–05–1

Bank Address: 409, Jalan Burmah, 10350 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Please send us an e-mail at training@tehandassociates.com if you have made your payment by Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF) so that we can confirm the transaction has been successful.

Malaysian (Local) Cheque / Bank Draft

We only accept payments by cheque or bank draft in Malaysian Ringgits at this time.

Cheques and bank drafts should be crossed and made payable to “Teh & Associates“. Write “CPHQ Workshop” and the name(s) of the participant(s) on the reverse side of the cheque/bank draft. The name(s) of the participant(s) on the reverse side of cheques/bank drafts should be identical to the name(s) entered in the Online Registration Form for this workshop.

Mail the cheque or bank draft to:

Teh & Associates
P.O. Box 613, General Post Office,
10780 Penang, Malaysia


For enquiries, please contact:

Teh & Associates
Tel: +60 4 2288 613
E-mail: training@tehandassociates.com
Address: P.O. Box 613, General Post Office, 10780 Penang, Malaysia

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  • Dr Zakaria January 17, 2012, 12:56 am

    DO you include the health care quality hand book of Janet brown in your course – how much you sell

    • Andy Teh January 17, 2012, 12:12 pm

      @Dr Zakaria—Thank you for your interest in our CPHQ exam preparation workshop. We do not bundle any book with any of our training programmes. As with the rest of our consulting work, we keep things as simple as possible and no simpler. Packaging a book with our training programmes unnecessarily adds another layer of complexity; we prefer to give candidates the relevant data/information and allow them to make their (informed) purchasing decisions. A number of my students have passed the CPHQ exam without using any book; they tell me that my study materials are sufficient to pass the exam. The latter is probably true for a subgroup of candidates.

      Janet Brown’s The Healthcare Quality Handbook can be used to prepare for the exam, but so can several other books. We have never pushed the sales of any particular product/book. We are pleased to offer selected products to CPHQ candidates as a value-added service—we do not profit from their sales. Our aim is to help busy healthcare professionals pass the exam as easily as possible, and that includes assisting them to acquire the resources they need at a reasonable price.

      Due to economies of scale, we are able to offer The Healthcare Quality Handbook and other excellent publications at about a 10–15% discount to the published rates (after shipping costs are factored in). For example, if the total cost of a book (including shipping to Asia) is $250, we will be able to sell it for $210–225. If a book (including shipping to Asia) costs $300, we will usually sell it at $255–270. These prices apply only for our workshop participants, who may purchase the item(s) before the workshop or afterward.

  • Dr Zakaria January 17, 2012, 12:56 am


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