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Welcome to Teh & Associates

April 2011

Our office is open from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. (GMT+8) Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays. To schedule an appointment with one of our consultants, call (+604)8909-613 or complete this Contact Form. We aim to respond to all e-mail inquiries within one working day. Customers of our online services should write to support@cphqtutor.com. We… Read more →

From time to time, Teh & Associates has positions to fill, either on a full-time or part-time basis. We may also hire individuals to assist us for single projects. These opportunities are usually advertised in the newspapers, bulletin boards, as well as online forums. For selected key positions within the firm, Teh & Associates will… Read more →

We strongly recommend that all persons considering being certified as a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) peruse the current CPHQ Candidate Examination Handbook. To become a CPHQ, you merely have to pass the CPHQ exam. Details on how to apply for the exam can be found in the CPHQ Candidate Examination Handbook. However, the… Read more →

Teh & Associates provides the world's best product to ace the CPHQ exam. Effective, efficient, fast, reliable, customized.

As at June 23, 2014, we do not offer an online training program to the general public. We are constantly evaluating new methods of delivering content to CPHQ candidates—the online training program is merely one of the things undergoing pre-testing with selected individuals. Teh & Associates will only provide services and products that have been… Read more →

Notes, videos, case studies from the field, and other materials used by private students of Dr Andy Teh are not for sale to the general public. Developed through Dr Teh's extensive research and experience in the fields of healthcare quality management, patient safety, CPHQ exam preparation and education, these study materials for the CPHQ exam… Read more →

A large proportion of CPHQ exam candidates experience acute performance failure on the CPHQ exam due to perceived stress. Some strategies to avoid this phenomenon ("choking") include a program of repeated controlled stress, managing expectations, and elimination of negative self-reflection.

The healthcare quality professional should be well acquainted with the principles of hand hygiene.