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Recommended Web Browsers

This site supports the following Web browsers:

The site may not render correctly in other browsers, e.g. Opera, Lunascape.

Although we rarely use Internet Explorer for normal Web browsing, more than half the visitors to this site do—see the pie chart below.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

The second column shows the percentage of visits with the browser that were “New Visits” (i.e. those made by people who had not visited the site before the last 30 days). The Pareto principle appears to be in play here—71% of visits in the last month were made with 25% (2/8) of the web browsers used to visit this site.

Performance on Internet Explorer Version 8 should be quite satisfactory. However, for the best results in terms of both display and speed, we recommend the latest versions of Firefox or Safari.

In addition, you should verify that you have the right settings on your browser:

  • JavaScript is enabled
  • Session cookies are enabled
  • New windows are allowed to open

If you experience any problems in using the site, please contact us at support@tehandassociates.com.

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