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Online CPHQ Training Postponed Indefinitely

Teh & Associates offers high-quality face-to-face training that enables CPHQ candidates to pass the CPHQ exam efficiently (i.e. without too much study time or money) and in the shortest possible time frame. We’ve built a reputation for delivering content that adds value—our training is focused on helping people to prepare for and succeed in the exam; it certainly does not involve reading from text or slides (people can do that in their own time). We keep our participants engaged throughout the training and they leave feeling energized, empowered, and inspired. As they should be. (But don’t just take our word for it—click here to learn what our most recent clients have had to say!).

We previously announced plans to launch an online CPHQ training program in December 2010. This program will be postponed indefinitely.

Months of subjective and objective testing have failed to convince me that the online format is suitable for people preparing to sit the CPHQ exam. Using our face-to-face training as the benchmark, the online version does not offer the degree of learning that discerning clients seek. There is actually little basis for comparison—our live CPHQ training wins hands down.

Much of the problem lies in the nature of human to human communication via the Internet. It’s not lousy but the quality is certainly different compared to interacting face-to-face. Teaching concepts in healthcare quality and their applications is a lot more difficult online than in-person.

Online CPHQ Training Does NOT WorkFor months, several different people had tried to teach my five-year-old son Chris how to read the time from an analogue clock without much success. Some of the tools they used were images of a clock face on paper or on a computer screen. Having only discovered this issue several days ago, I tried my hand at the task but I didn’t use images, either on paper or on screen. Instead, I used a toy clock that was lying around (pictured on the right) as a tool for my own approach to teaching this subject. As it turned out, Chris learnt how to read the time from an analogue clock in less than 10 minutes. Subsequently, his new skill was tested with images of an analogue clock face on screen with which he had difficulty before. Result: 100% accuracy. The lesson here is this: for a particular situation, humans learn better in certain ways. They might not all learn the same way, but overall some ways are better than others. Despite the availability of fancy technology and methods, sound communication skills (supported by perhaps some basic tools and props) can often achieve the best results in education and training. Anyone who has had the opportunity to attend our training sessions will tell you how apparently complex concepts can be broken down and elucidated in an engaging way, which in turn promotes retention and keeps things fun (vs. boring). Present online technology cannot support CPHQ training in the way we would like it to.

My decision to postpone the online training has several negative consequences:

  1. Disappointment
    Many individuals were looking forward to the training that we were going to bring online in December. We apologize for the disappointment caused. We simply cannot sell an inferior product/service. Sorry.
  2. Change of Work Schedule
    The online training would have relieved me of some responsibilities and therefore allow the firm to take on more offline work. The decision to withhold online training means that I will avail myself to conduct more live CPHQ training than originally planned; I am committed to the development of future CPHQs—we need more of them/us to improve healthcare quality worldwide! We’ll release the schedule of our CPHQ training workshops for 2011 within the next fortnight.
  3. Lucky Draw Contest
    We announced a lucky draw contest in July, the winner of which would have received free online CPHQ training. Without the online training program, we will now offer something better—see below.
  4. Loss of Revenue
    Online CPHQ training would have generated some revenue for us. However, building relationships over the medium and long term remains a much higher priority. The provision of online training, in its current form, will not help us to achieve this objective. We won’t do anything just for a quick buck, we’re not that kind of company.

Now for the good news.

  • Lucky Draw Prize
    We will now offer one of two things:

    • Participation at any one of our future CPHQ training workshops for one person, or
    • Access to the paid content on the Teh & Associates website for perpetuity.

    For the first option, we realize that many individuals are limited by the need to travel (and more specifically, the cost associated with travel and accommodation). If required and within reason, we will assist with travel and accommodation as well.

    For the second option, people might not want to remain subscribed forever, so we’ll make this perpetual subscription transferable.

    All this too good to be true? Try us.

  • More Live CPHQ Training
    As discussed above, we will provide more live training than originally planned. Several parties have approached us about conducting training in various parts of the world—we’ll be happy to explore these opportunities.
  • Transfer of Materials to Membership Site
    All content and technology that was developed for the online CPHQ Training Program will be redirected to our paid online subscription service.

We have made significant investments to create a solid platform for online training. However, neither the technology nor the content is the issue. The main problem is the quality of human-human interactivity that is achievable, and the realization that the learning outcomes our clients desire can be far more effectively achieved face-to-face.

Andy Teh, CPHQ
Teh & Associates

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