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CPHQ Training Program (June 2010 Update); FREE CPHQ Exam Tips

We have received an increased number of e-mail enquiries about our Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) training program from people all over the world in recent weeks. This program is designed to help individuals excel in the CPHQ certification exam. We hope that the information below answers common questions about our training.

Is Your Training Face-to-Face or Distance Learning?

To date, all training by Teh & Associates is provided face-to-face. We believe that this format offers the best opportunity for learning among adult learners. However, we also acknowledge the fact that face-to-face training isn’t for everyone; some people don’t have the time or inclination to travel for such training while others prefer to learn in the comfort of their own home and at a time convenient for them.

Particularly in Asia, the cost of CPHQ certification is prohibitively high when the combined cost of taking the exam (exam fee, travel, lodging, etc) and preparatory materials (e.g. books, course fee) are taken into account. Attending a CPHQ review course/workshop in the US is not feasible for most individuals who reside in Asia. For these and other reasons, Teh & Associates has started work on an Online Subscription Service that will first be available to our existing CPHQ trainees from October 1, 2010 as a supplement (not as a substitute) to the training and physical materials provided to them. It is likely that this subscription service will evolve into a fully-featured, high-quality online training program that enables individuals to complete the required training (exclusively online) within 14 intensive weeks (or less than 100 days). We have set ourselves a goal of making this site available for everyone, no matter where they are in the world, before December 1, 2010 (it will probably be ready before then but I cannot guarantee this).

What’s Covered in Your Training?

In summary, our program covers everything you need to know to ace the CPHQ exam (and a little more). It certainly covers the four content categories of the CPHQ exam – Management & Leadership, Information Management, Performance Measurement and Improvement, Patient Safety.

In a not-too-distant future article, I’ll explain why I think individuals, with the right preparation and without too much work, can succeed in the CPHQ exam. There are some misconceptions being circulated around the Internet, which frustrate me every time I read them. For example, a “key” tip on exam time management makes the test sound tougher than it really is. I finished the exam with more than an hour to spare, and got more than 9 out of every 10 questions correct. I’ve also had the benefit of discussing the exam with other people who passed it. Take my word for it, time won’t be your greatest enemy. Knowing the right stuff, and learning it efficiently, will be your greatest challenge leading up to the exam.

I also recommend that people be selective about their CPHQ exam preparatory materials. You shouldn’t waste your time and/or money on books you don’t really need. In another future article, I will give you more details on what books (I think) you do need and why. I will also give you an idea of what sort of books you should avoid as they provide little value to people who want to pass the CPHQ exam.

If you cannot wait one or two weeks for my article on book selection and must start your study immediately, I recommend the following two books/manuals (buy one of them, not both), in no particular order of preference:

Either book will help get you started. Both books were written by healthcare quality professionals whom I respect; they certainly know what they’re talking about. You will not regret using either of these books to prepare for the exam and using them as a reference after you have passed the exam. In this way, either book will make a good investment. Note: These resources are packed with value; you will need ample time and discipline to go through their content.

Statement of Disclosure: I am not associated with any of the authors of these two books, and I don’t receive any commissions from sales of these products.

How Much Will Your Online Training Cost?

My team and I will make this training as cost-effective as possible to encourage more professionals to sit—and pass—the exam. We believe that having more CPHQs populating hospitals around the world will improve the overall quality and safety of healthcare. The precise figure has yet to be determined, but we are quite certain that the investment for joining our online training program will be less than US$300. When the details are ready and we announce them (later in the year), I’m confident that you’ll appreciate the value we are offering.

How Else Can You Help?

Many individuals around the world are interested in CPHQ certification, or are at least thinking about it, for various reasons—professional development, career advancement, networking opportunities, etc. However, they need information that addresses their concerns about the exam, e.g. how to pass it in the shortest possible time frame, the value of certification, what resources are available, etc. Until we get a chance to offer our CPHQ training to the world, and even afterwards, I’ll post regular articles containing down-to-earth advice , e.g. Ace the CPHQ Exam: Study Smart, Not Hard, that (I hope) will help individuals to (a) get closer to their goal of becoming CPHQs, and (b) maintain their certification after they’ve passed the exam. These articles will be available on this website for free. [Note: This series of free CPHQ exam tips began only in early June; they will grow in number over time.]

Here’s to your CPHQ exam success.

Andy Teh, CPHQ
Healthcare Quality Consultant & CPHQ Master Trainer

Teh & Associates are experts at coaching healthcare professionals on how to succeed in the CPHQ exam. Check out our CPHQ training programmes and practice quizzes.

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  • Dr. Nirmal Sagar Gompa July 19, 2010, 9:56 pm

    I really appreciate the efforts to make the trainings for the CPHQ online and more affordable. I would like to know the dates that the course would be made available.

    • Andy Teh July 19, 2010, 11:57 pm

      @Dr Nirmal – Thank you for your comment. You are absolutely right! – Preparing for and sitting the CPHQ exam can be a pricey affair… I’m glad people, like yourself, recognise the value we are delivering. My team and I are going to do our utmost to begin the course before December. Initially we said it’d be 1 Dec, but we’re on track to get everything ready sooner, so I’d say some time in mid – late Nov. I’ll keep everyone updated in our forums. Sorry I can’t be more specific about the date at this stage. You can expect something in your e-mail (a small token of our appreciation for your valuable comment) from us in the next few days. Cheers, Andy

  • dr.mostafa October 27, 2010, 6:07 am

    its agreat work ,i want to know two things
    first the date for the begining of the training program
    and all related fees for online program

    second, can i get a certificate for this training

    • Andy Teh October 27, 2010, 3:30 pm

      @dr.mostafa – Thanks for your questions.

      No further (live) CPHQ training is scheduled for the remainder of 2010. The main reason for this was the anticipated launch of our online CPHQ training programme (due on 1 December 2010). I will address the latter issue, including fees, in an article within the next day or two. However, we are open to requests for training from December onwards.

      Participants at our scheduled training events receive a certificate of attendance. For unscheduled events, i.e. special requests, with at least one week’s advance notice, a certificate of attendance will also be provided. We do not usually provide certificates for training events for which we are given extremely short notice.

  • natalie.pierce November 4, 2010, 8:29 pm

    Is this training available yet? contact information would be most appreciated.

    • Andy Teh November 5, 2010, 12:59 am

      @natalie.pierce – We recently decided to postpone the launch of our online CPHQ training indefinitely. The decision to defer the online CPHQ training programme was not an easy one. It was also quite unpopular, judging by the feedback we’ve received since the announcement on October 29.

      But it was the right thing to do given the results of our testing.

      Some people have given us good reasons why online training is most suitable for them:

      1. Inability or unwillingness to take leave from work or travel to attend our face-to-face workshops
      2. Preference for an online format
      3. Convenience

      The same people also have high expectations, i.e. that such a programme will help them pass the CPHQ exam. The content will certainly be more engaging and more focused than, say, reading a book – this has been an argument proposed by some folks who would like us to change our mind. However, no (rational) person would compare a training programme with reading a book.

      We’ve also heard another valid argument for proceeding with the launch of online CPHQ training: that we should give the customer what they want. My belief is that our clients want to be certified in healthcare quality management. My team and I are committed to helping individuals attain this goal.

      I have not excluded the possibility of releasing the content as a “supplement” to candidates’ other preparatory work for the CPHQ exam.

      The online programme, if advertised and sold as such, would be compared with our live training workshops. There is no doubt in our minds, and those of the people who know us, where you’ll get superlative results.

  • Remya Venugopalan February 8, 2011, 10:59 pm

    i would like to know the date & fees for the online program. will there be any training program in Dubai or Sharjah??

    • Andy Teh February 12, 2011, 3:05 am

      @Remya Venugopalan—The online CPHQ training program that was scheduled for launch in December was postponed. You can read more about this here. However, due to strong interest among CPHQ candidates, we revised some content and upgraded the delivery platform. We are now in the midst of testing the new program for effectiveness in achieving learning outcomes (i.e. enabling people to pass the exam). We are also tracking some other indicators among test participants but I’m not prepared to discuss them at this time. The site is undergoing a major revamp at the moment, in terms of both content as well as design—all of this being conducted in the backend (so it should not be noticeable to users of this site). You can expect to see the new version of the site in about 10–14 calendar days. The main driver for this change was the expected launch of our online CPHQ training program later in the year. Therefore, in about a couple of weeks, you (as well as other users) will catch a glimpse of what we have in store for individuals preparing to sit CPHQ exam.

      We don’t have any CPHQ exam preparation workshop scheduled in the UAE, but we certainly see the need for more CPHQ candidates in your region to be exposed to our approach. I welcome any opportunity to share my material and methods—any proposed workshop will need to be done from September 2011 onward as I have a number of consulting engagements till then.

  • MoonLeng May 23, 2012, 8:37 pm

    I would like to know how do i get on to your CPHQ training program. I currently live and work in the healthcare industry in Saudi Arabia. Please send me any necesary details pertaining to this training course. Thank you

    • Andy Teh May 24, 2012, 12:33 am

      @MoonLeng—I presume you’re interested in my private CPHQ coaching program. Acceptance into the program depends on a number of factors, including my assessment of your likelihood of completing the program and subsequently getting certified, your work ethic, your personality, and some other things—these factors are not mutually exclusive. One of my associates has already sent you some additional information. However, if you’d like to know anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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