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Welcome to Teh & Associates

February 2010

Our CPHQ training program (CPHQ coaching program) is designed for busy healthcare professionals who aim to be leaders in healthcare quality management.

The locations of the testing centers that offer the CPHQ examination are listed on this page.

Make Your Data Work For You

The inability of organizations to use available data for improvement remains a major problem. Several factors account for this, but the end result is inevitably the same: a huge waste of staff time and effort in data collection.

Quality should be the driving force behind your organisation's results—clinical outcomes, patient and family satisfaction, staff and physician satisfaction, financial bottom line. High quality health care will create a win-win-win situation for patients, care providers and payers but organisations must be prepared to equip their staff with the competencies necessary to achieve this ideal state.

Studies conducted throughout the world have shown that the percentage of adverse events occurring in hospitals is between 3 and 17%. Most medical errors are related to system problems, not individual negligence or misconduct, and are therefore preventable. Medical errors can be reduced significantly if health care delivery systems are improved.

About 50% of adverse events can be prevented. Most medical errors are related to defects in the health care delivery system, not individual negligence or misconduct, and, therefore, have the potential to be significantly reduced through system redesign or transformation.

France, Japan and Australia rated best and the USA worst in a study of preventable death rates in 19 leading industrialized countries.