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At TEDMED 2009, Eric Dishman, Director of Health Innovation and Policy for Intel’s Digital Health Group, discussed how disruptive technologies could assist with independent living.

Want Success? Examine Your Why

Organizations and individuals can achieve breakthrough success by balancing three elements: WHAT they do (results), HOW they do it (strategies/tactics), and WHY they do it (purpose).

When unanticipated adverse patient events occur, not only do patients and their families suffer but the healthcare providers involved in their care also become traumatized. These professionals—"the second victims"—need help too.

What’s Coming in 2011

An introduction to the Teh & Associates approach to the CPHQ exam, consulting and learning opportunities via Skype, and a newly-acquired presentation application are just some of the things in store for 2011.

Health care quality consultant Dr Andy Teh will give a public talk on how patients can improve their own health care in Penang, Malaysia on 12 December 2010.

Despite being a topic of great interest, the CPHQ exam pass rate has limited utility in predicting success for examinees.

The National Quality Forum (NQF) released The ABCs of Measurement, a primer on healthcare performance measures, in October 2010.

Teh & Associates announces the schedule of its CPHQ exam preparation workshops for 2011.