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Do you have a job vacancy?

From time to time, Teh & Associates has positions to fill, either on a full-time or part-time basis. We may also hire individuals to assist us for single projects. These opportunities are usually advertised in the newspapers, bulletin boards, as well as online forums. For selected key positions within the firm, Teh & Associates will engage search consultants.

However, unlike the vast majority of companies, Teh & Associates proactively seeks individuals with the right personality, talent, and work ethic to be part of the team. In other words, we prefer not to wait for consulting engagements or other work to be lined up before hiring—that is a reactive process and, therefore, not consistent with the principles that we espouse and practice.

If you have done sufficient research on the culture and success of Teh & Associates and believe you can add value to our team, you are welcome to submit your CV, along with a cover letter stating in no more 250 words how you can help us serve our customers better. (Hint: Although the firm is most well-known for its world-leading CPHQ examination preparation products and solutions, the bulk of our revenue, by far, is derived from consulting, training, and speaking engagements with leading healthcare organizations throughout Asia. We harness our deep and broad experience from the field to help CPHQ candidates succeed in the CPHQ examination—this is what gives us an unassailable edge over other CPHQ exam preparation service providers.)

All correspondence should be made to: careers@tehandassociates.com.

Please note that we will only contact shortlisted applicants.