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Can you send me more information about your online CPHQ training program?

As at June 23, 2014, we do not offer an online training program to the general public. We are constantly evaluating new methods of delivering content to CPHQ candidates—the online training program is merely one of the things undergoing pre-testing with selected individuals.

Teh & Associates will only provide services and products that have been fully tested and shown to be effective in helping candidates improve their scores on the actual CPHQ examination. In addition, the improvement in scores must be statistically significant and must be achieved in a manner that is user-friendly to all candidates, i.e. those based in the United States as well as those in other parts of the world. To our knowledge, no other company in the world evaluates its CPHQ exam preparation products as vigorously as, or more vigorously than, Teh & Associates.

Click here for a summary of our offerings for CPHQ exam preparation.