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CPHQ Recertification Tip: FREE Continuing Education (CE) Credit

June 8, 2010

Certified Professionals in Healthcare Quality (CPHQs) are required to earn 30 hours of continuing education (CE) every two years to maintain their CPHQ credential. Examples of continuing education include:

  • Seminar Attendance.
  • College Courses.
  • Self-Study.
  • Speaking Engagements.
  • Publication of Articles or Books.

    A Guide to Recertification can be found at the Healthcare Quality Certification Board (HQCB) website.

    healthcare quality week

    National Healthcare Quality Week, October 17–23, 2010

    Given the current state of the global economy, many healthcare organizations have cut back their spending on professional development and CPHQs might find it difficult to get the CE hours that they need for recertification. If you are a member of the National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ), one easy and cost-effective (i.e. free of charge!) way that you can earn many CE hours (17 as at today) is to read Journal for Healthcare Quality (JHQ) CE articles and complete the corresponding online exams during National Healthcare Quality Week. This year, National Healthcare Quality Week will be held from 17–23 October.

    The cost of a JHQ CE online exam is usually US$7.50 each. So you could potentially save US$7.50 X 17 = US$127.50 just by reading those CE articles and taking the online exams (they’re not hard) during National Quality Healthcare Week. And, if you go through all 17 articles that are available, you’ll have more than half the required number of CE hours under your belt!

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